The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET)®

An Intensive Course in SkyDancing® Tantra

Discover The Love & Ecstasy Training (LET), composed of a series of three cycles of one week each, where you are guided in practices that transform your life. These three weeks represent Margot Anand's ground-breaking methods, some of which are from her book: The Art of Sexual Ecstasy.

The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) is the ultimate in-depth training in sacred sexuality and Tantra available. Since its conception, tens of thousands of people worldwide have participated. The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) will forever change your experience of love and sex, allowing you an opportunity to explore how your sexual energy can heal your body, open your heart and expand your spirit to states of profound unity and bliss. It is one of the most potent, heartfelt, and life-transforming experiences you'll ever have!

The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) is an intensive training, offering a container of safety in which to:

  • Unveil your gifts as an extraordinary Tantric Lover
  • Open to greater physical and sexual pleasure
  • Learn to relax in high states of arousal
  • Discover and communicate how you like to be loved
  • Expand to new horizons of ecstasy and bliss
  • Let go of old limitations
  • Bring the sacred into your love life
  • Integrate Tantra into your everyday life
  • Weave all aspects of your life into a harmonious balance

The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) takes place over three separate weeks (Cycles 1-3), several months apart. It is designed to go deep, not simply teaching new techniques for building intimacy and accessing ecstatic states, but introducing a practice that can produce significant changes in your whole being.

The time between each Cycle of The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) assists you in incorporating the practices into your daily life. The opening into new experiences and sensations is deepened through repetition. Between each of the LET Cycles, you are encouraged to meet with your fellow participants, your new family of SkyDancers, to practice together and teach each other what you have learned so far. This further prepares you for deeper, higher experiences during the following Cycles.

While it is recommended to attend all Cycles in the same year, it is not required. You can take Cycle 1 one year, and Cycle 2 another year, and Cycle 3 another year, if that better suits your circumstances.


We’re excited to offer for the first time the Year of Ecstasy Program which has been designed to support you on this life-changing journey.

The Year of Love & Ecstasy Program

Immerse yourself in the Love and Ecstasy Training, Cycles 1-3, offering a comprehensive structure for your personal growth. In addition, you receive individualized coaching, community support, and access to a wealth of resources aimed at integrating profound teachings into your daily life.

When you enroll in the Year of Ecstasy program, you will gain:

  • Comprehensive training materials
  • Personalized coaching session
  • Online integration sessions
  • Inspiring training videos and recommended readings
  • Recorded meditations for deep introspection

The Year of Love & Ecstasy has begun!
Early registration offers online preparation and connecting with the May LET Cycle 1 cohort. You will all be together for LET Cycles 2 & 3.

Register by August 20 to Save $600!



In The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET), you will:

  • Learn how to love yourself more and enhance your self-esteem as a loverLET Love and Ecstasy Training
  • Heal old sexual wounds
  • Learn the art of positive, successful communication in sexuality
  • Understand the healing power of rituals and sacred ceremonies in the context of lovemaking
  • Feel that sexual loving is spiritual empowerment and thus needs to be treated with devotion and respect
  • Learn the art of sexual ecstasy step by step all the way to the experience of a whole-body orgasm
  • Understand the energy of the chakras or "energy centers" through which we can access: passion, flow, power, love, clear communication, clear vision and the ecstasy of the spirit
  • Experience ecstatic states and integrate them into your love life and your everyday life

The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) is open to everyone (ages 18 to 80+). Whether you come solo or partnered, you will find this training an enlivening and nourishing experience. Partnered participants may choose to work within their partnership and/or with others. Solo participants usually work with other solos and/or with partnered participants who invite them. Together you will discover the secrets of meeting each other on a level of intimate trust and understanding.

Prerequisite: We request that you complete an Introduction to SkyDancing Tantra weekend workshop taught by Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers or an equivalent workshop by another recognized Tantra school. Some exceptions may apply.

May I attend The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) if I have/don't have a partner?
You are welcome to attend alone or with a partner. These trainings can enhance all areas of your life, including your love life. To receive the greatest benefit, we guide participants to develop a personal practice between sessions and integrate the teachings into their daily life.

The Love and Ecstasy Trainings (LET) are open to anyone wishing to deepen their
Tantric knowledge, practice, and live a more joyful life.

Cycle 1

The Body Ecstatic
and Sexual Healing


Cycle 1 - The Body Ecstatic & Sexual Healing

  • Aug 26 - Sept 2, 2024 ~ Colorado
  • May 23 - May 30, 2025 ~ California

In Cycle 1, you'll discover and release physical tensions, emotional and psychological blockages that prevent you from loving your body, from experiencing your sensuality and pleasure.
We start by releasing the first two chakras (root and sacral), to help energy circulate throughout the body: the more our bodies can release the tensions fixed during our life, the more we can relax and feel a sense of pleasure with our bodies.




Cycle 2

Celebrating Love
& Orgasm


Cycle 2 - Celebrating Love & Orgasm

October 4-11, 2024 ~ California

In Cycle 2 of The Love & Ecstasy Training (LET), you'll discover a pearl of SkyDancingTantra: the "Multi-Orgasmic Response: MORE." Following the previous cycle's pelvic healing, the MORE session helps energy flow through the inner flute, opening consciously to pleasure and sexual energy. Cycle 2 of the LET awakens your power, presenting the skills to give and receive a full-body orgasm, open the heart, integrate love, and celebrate life.


Cycle 3

The Joy of the Spirit
Meditation - Ecstasy


Cycle 3 - The Joy of the Spirit: Meditation - Ecstasy

March 21-28, 2025 ~ California

The "Wave of Bliss" is an advanced practice of SkyDancing Tantra, which teaches how, in the position of Yabyum, the ascent and refinement of sexual energy facilitates the expansion of consciousness. Through sensual massage, ancient Tantric practices, beautiful rituals, healing mantras, feel the power individually and in the community. The Wave of Bliss is the union of consciousness and energy.




What would life be like in a world without fear, judgment, and oppression? Tantra invites our full expressive self to come alive and break free of restrictive cultural limitations and psychological wounds.

What would it be like . . .
To express ourselves without editing.
To celebrate our sexuality without shame.
To authentically and vulnerability, feel our emotions, our joys exuberantly, and our sorrows unconditionally.

What would it be like to live each moment allowing our creativity to soar?
How would our relationship differ to be fully present and to relate full-heartedly?
This is the SkyDancing Tantra path.close