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SkyDancing Tantra is one of the oldest and most respected methods of Tantra in the USA. "Its purpose is to expand our potential as human beings, fully embodying the ecstatic states of sex, intimacy, and love as a sacred reality in everyday life, and bringing this freedom to all people everywhere."

The SkyDancing Tantra Institute (USA) serves as the only accredited organization within the USA to offer the teachings of Margot Anand and has had the honor to have trained thousands of people for decades. Participants come from all over the world to study with our Certified SkyDancing Tantra professionals, whom they trust with impeccable professional and ethical integrity.

Formally established in July 2007, Margot Anand chose as directors and lineage holders, the leading teachers of her SkyDancing Tantra method in the USA, Lokita & Steve Carter. After retiring, Cassidy Geppert and Mika Smith became the next lineage holders in 2016 and continue to hold that title.

Currently, Sara and Thomas (SatchiJo) Stout are directors of the Institute and experienced SkyDancing Tantra Teachers. Their mission is to collaborate with SkyDancing Tantra International to build an international community of SkyDancers.

The Institute's role is to familiarize the public with SkyDancing Tantra through in-person trainings (teacher and Love and Ecstasy Trainings), and ongoing community communication via our website, newsletter, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. All people are welcome, regardless of race, ethnic group, physical ability, gender, sexual orientation, or relationship configuration.

The SkyDancing Tantra Institute (USA) oversees extensive professional trainings to certify presenters and teachers. Certification allows graduates the right and privilege to use the registered trademark "SkyDancing" Tantra and teach as defined by the Ethical Guidelines and Certification Agreement.

The rewards and sense of fulfillment when becoming a SkyDancer are limitless.


Margot Anand - Thomas Satchijo Stout - Sara Biewen


logo SkyDancing InternationnalSkyDancing International is a collective of Tantra institutes and teachers who share the teaching of the Tantric lineage created by Margot Anand. It was created in 2015 to control and manage the network of SkyDancing teachers and institutes around the world.   - Website

Main Logo Skydancing France
SkyDancing Tantra Francophone Institute has been training thousands of people over the last 30 years. It is the first Institute through which Margot Anand decided to start and spread the Teachings of SkyDancing Tantra. It is a cornerstone in the SkyDancing system worldwide  - Website


Main Logo SKD Deutchland 300pxSkyDancing Tantra German Institute  was taken over in 2017 by Rupananda (Andreas), a prominent SkyDancing Tantra Teacher, together with his partner Maïke.
The Love and Ecstasy Training LET is now mainly taught by Rupananda, together with Vijaya (Tina), another experienced German Teacher from the SkyDancing Community.  - Website