SkyDancing Tantra

A network of Institutes in several countries, all offering workshops and the beautiful teachings of Margot Anand



SkyDancing Tantra International is a collaboration of Institutes and Teachers who transmit the Tantric lineage as created by Margot Anand.
As a school of Tantra, we offer an individual path to transform a person's vision and approach to life.
SkyDancing Tantra is free of dogma and does not prescribe rules for living; instead, through experiential exploration, we discover who we truly are.
Focusing on awareness and vitality, SkyDancing Tantra uses personal interactions, sexual energy, and the Tantric keys to access higher consciousness.
These tools are not the end goal; instead, our focus is on becoming aware of what brings joy and transformation.


Margot, please can you explain to us what SkyDancing Tantra is ? - Interview of Margot Anand

Margot Anand Skydancing TantraThe SkyDancing Tantra is a spiritual and mystical Tantra path inspired by the story of Buddha Padma Sambhava and his consort, Yesche Tsogyel during the 8th Century in Tibet. The core practice of this path, according to ancient scriptures, was about cultivating the transmutation of sexual energies, desire and pleasure into a transcendental awakening, at the very moment of the Union between Consciousness (Shiva) and Energy (Shakti).

This moment of Ecstasy is a precious Awakening that can be reached through the Practice which I have created and named “Riding the Wave of Bliss”. This practice is illustrated in ancient pictures from the Tibetan Buddhist Iconography. They represent the man, sitting in lotus, and the woman sitting on his laps in an embrace. Subtle exchanges of energies arise from this union. They are described in my book, “Love, Sex and Awakening”.

The SkyDancing Tantra Path was built upon this practice and this form of awakening. It starts with a phase of healing of the sexual wounds. It focusses then on experiencing the expansion of our multi-orgasmic potential, which is the art of moving the orgasmic vibration throughout our entire body, from the root to the crown and from the crown to the root.

To clarify this, I wish to quote Trinley Norbu Rimpoche, in his introduction to the book : "The SkyDancer" where he himself quotes the Paramita Sutra :
" The precious tantric tradition, desireless, blissful wisdom, is the essence of all desirable qualities, unobstructedly going and coming in endless space. This wisdom is called “The SkyDancer”, feminine wisdom of the Dakini.” (Or female awakener).

As of today, SkyDancing Tantra was also supplemented by many disciplines that were developed by currents of Humanistic Psychology and other Therapies so to become accessible to as many as possible.

Principles and Methods

  • SkyDancing offers tools that allow students to become aware of their conditioning and blockages and to enter into a process of personal evolution and profound transformation.

  •  SkyDancing provides a safe and caring environment for everyone to learn and evolve at their own pace.

  •  The proposed experiences are original and stimulating: it's the experience of a lifetime.

  •  An absolute freedom to enter or not into the practices is left to the students.

  •  The pace of each student is respected.

  •  SkyDancing functions as a family, a network of teachers grouped around Institutes that support one another.

What does “SkyDancing” mean ?

The vast body of knowledge and practices developed by Margot Anand and delineated in her best-selling books, is known as SkyDancing Tantra: The Path to Bliss. Margot, along with her certified SkyDancing Tantra teachers, have taught SkyDancing Tantra to over 50,000 people worldwide, through several international SkyDancing Institutes since the late 1980′s.

Yeshe Tsogyal

Yeshe Tsogyal

The path of SkyDancing Tantra came to Margot as a revelation rather than a tradition. Yet the path of the SkyDancer goes back to 8th century Tibet, when Yeshe Tsogyal, the enlightened consort of Buddha Padmasambhava, was called the “Great Skydancer.” Together they developed Tantric Buddhism.

“Skydancers” in the Buddhist tradition were people of great passion who were profoundly devoted to spiritual awakening.

The path of the SkyDancer is a spiritual path where men, women and all genders see each other as equal partners on a quest to integrate ecstatic states into their daily lives.

Weaving Ancient Secrets & Modern Techniques

anciens secretsSkyDancing Tantra presents the Tantric paradigm via methods and tools accessible to the Western culture and lifestyle. These methods are inspired by ancient traditions of holistic spirituality and sexuality : Tantric, Yogic, Buddhist, Taoist, Sufi, and Native American, among others. SkyDancing Tantra also blends modern techniques, such as psychology, bioenergetics, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), visualization, and effective communication skills with meditation, sacred ritual, sexual magic, massage, and other practices.

The Path to Bliss

SkyDancing Tantra teaches you to choose with awareness what brings you pleasure and joy, thus opening the door to a deeper connection with spirit and a greater sense of aliveness and well-being. The practice of SkyDancing Tantra enables you to overcome feelings of separation and create a sense of union with yourself, others, and the world. The body relaxes, the heart opens and the mind becomes clearer and more focused. When this integration takes place, you are ready for a new sexual and spiritual experience in which physical/sensual pleasure becomes a celebration of the heart and an ecstasy of the spirit. When practiced with a partner,
SkyDancing Tantra contributes to healthy, loving relationships. Ultimately, the SkyDancing path provides a model for cultivating the Tantric way of life – helping you awaken to your ecstatic potential, embrace your own vital powers, enliven sensuality, awaken spirituality, and create a more fulfilling love life.

A Proven Method

Over the past 30 years, Margot Anand’s SkyDancing Tantra has been among the most researched methods developed in modern Tantra. A scientific study at the University of Hanover in Germany was conducted over a year and a half, following participants of Margot’s initial three-weeks Love and Ecstasy Training (LET). The results based on thorough statistical analysis of some 800 medical, psychiatric, and psychological questionnaires, described the benefits of the training as: increased orgasmic response, improved health, increased creativity and concentration, and improved partner communication.

The philosophy of SkyDancing Tantra provides a gateway into the Tantric way of life by helping you to awaken to your ecstatic potential, embrace your own vital powers, create a more fulfilling love life and enliven your sensuality as well as your spirituality.

Tantra, once the cherished practice of Asian nobility, has often been called “The Yoga of Love”. Like other forms of yoga, the practice of Tantra offers peace of mind while it both relaxes and energizes the body. Tantra enables one to overcome feelings of separation and create a sense of union. When this integration has taken place, you are ready for a new sexual experience in which physical pleasure becomes a delight of the heart and an ecstasy of the spirit. When practiced with a partner, Tantra contributes to healthy, loving relationships.

SkyDancing is the ancient metaphor for the ability to achieve ecstatic states. SkyDancing Tantra is the ability to integrate these ecstatic states into your sexuality and into your life, so that love can be experienced as a flow, a joyful celebration, a healing meditation. SkyDancing Tantra presents the Tantric paradigm through methods accessible to the Western culture and lifestyle. Margot Anand has integrated the ancient spirit of Tantra with the most recent discoveries in clinical sexology, as well as the therapeutic methods of humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Her teachings are powerful, healing and effective.

Benefits of SkyDancing Tantra

Better self-awareness

Feel more alive in your daily life

More awareness and vitality in one's life,
relationships and sexuality

A relationship to the world in turmoil

Personality less reactive

Centering and rooting in reality

More fluidity compared to stimulation
from the outside

A relationship to love and sexuality revisited